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In behalf of more than 6 years, our rig has been supplying industrial equipment and components for the treatment of its repair and living from all in the set to Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Bull’s-eye East and Africa.
Our specialization – is to supply enterprises with all categories of industrial outfit and components from the creation’s best manufacturers from Europe, Important Britain, USA, Canada, Asia and other countries.

Importantly qualified experts of our train with many years of episode will forbear you on kit and accessories for it.

Pilot deliveries undeviatingly from manufacturers and our long-term cooperation with them admit us to send the overcome prices and minimum transportation times against the unrestricted range.

Our logistics service – will consolidate your goods covered by all contracts at our commodities in Poland, form an optimal ravish path exchange for delivery to your store, organize export gap of deliveries.

We drive off your orders with alacrity with reliability and care!