Seeking more than 6 years,

Seeking more than 6 years, our rig has been supplying industrial accoutrements and components for the treatment of its put back in and maintaining from all in the world to Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Mid East and Africa.
Our specialization – is to distribute enterprises with all categories of industrial materiel and components from the give birth to’s best manufacturers from Europe, Excellent Britain, USA, Canada, Asia and other countries.

Favourably competent experts of our suite with diverse years of episode will help you opt appurtenances and accessories for it.

Point the way deliveries exactly from manufacturers and our long-term auspices with them allow us to give the excellent prices and reduced performance times as a service to the unconditional range.

Our logistics use – command consolidate your goods under all contracts at our warehouse in Poland, construction an optimal ravish direct representing transportation to your stockroom, produce export leeway of deliveries.

We will put to the sword your orders with alacrity with reliability and attend to!